Dr. Gregory A. Hardy

I have been around pets and helping them since I can remember. One of my earliest memories was taking puppies shortly after they were removed by c-section from their mother and helping get them breathing and keeping them warm. It may have been at this time when I fell in love with Veterinary Medicine.

It was sometime around my 5th birthday. Wow, so young!! It didn’t hurt that my father was the veterinarian. Ever since then, I have spent every summer, spring and winter vacation working in a veterinary hospital. When I began my college career at UCLA it was no question that I would pursue a career in Veterinary medicine. My two brothers also chose to follow this path. (We must drive our families crazy when we get together, always talking veterinary medicine over dinner.) After two years, I transferred to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. I had always been a good student but it wasn’t until vet school at Tuskegee University in Alabama, that a passion for learning was awakened and I took to it like I had been raised to learn this stuff. Gaining the ability to help pets in the manner that I had grown up observing, was a dream come true.

A deep satisfaction is gained whenever I can help an injured or sick animal return to health. After school, I worked with my father and absorbed all the knowledge possible from a seasoned professional before venturing out and experiencing work elsewhere. I spent five years working as an emergency veterinarian handling a myriad of cases of pets in life threatening circumstances. It was at this time, that I realized that what I was doing involved more than my love for medicine and animals. More importantly, it involves people’s love for their pets. A new sense of satisfaction developed when I was able to take an injured or sick animal and return him to his owner. After the emergency years, I worked for numerous veterinary hospitals all around Los Angeles County. I spent time learning new methods of not just healing but preventing disease. After working with a veterinary dentist, I developed a special interest dentistry. I worked with a veterinarian who practiced alternative medicines and pursued this interest. I also continued to develop skills in internal medicine and advanced surgeries. I became proficient in many procedures. Then one day I found myself working in the San Gabriel Valley, in Arcadia. With the mountains, and friendly people, I felt at home. So when the opportunity to return presented itself, I leapt. Now I reside in Arcadia with my lovely wife, Lori, and my two kids.

The kids attend area schools and find themselves growing up in a veterinary hospital. The other two members of my family, Sparkle, a Teacup poodle, and Diamond, a Toy Chihuahua, keep us all on our toes. I am active in the Arcadia Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce. I really enjoy being able to bring state of the art veterinary medical concepts to my clients and do it in a small friendly environment. I have come to feel for many of my clients and their pets as if they are family. After all, for me, this is a true family business.